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Every Business Needs a Professional Website

Posted on October 14, 2016 | Posted in Website Designing, Website Development
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Every Business Needs Website

Present marketing scenario has completely been changed and if your business is not well recognised through online manner, you will not earn optimum from your efforts. Now, to publicise your business you need some additional tools that are totally different than the offline manner. Yes, a good looking website with all the required elements incorporated is a “must” thing.

Credibility of your business through website

Website is the tool that takes your business to the population that never witnessed your potential and type of business. Through a well designed website you can easily exhibit your business. All the offers and discounts can also be provided to customers within same tag. If you are running any small business, that will gain a bigger credibility and you will be amazed to know that this recognition is many times heavier than offline advertisement. Contact any company and get your website designed in professional way. It is recommended that tools available on net to design you own website should be left if you are planning to launch your business in online manner. Homemade websites are not able to display your business as certain tools are not provided for free users. Your website is like looking mirror and it should reflect the things you are having on ground. Incorporate the desired tools in your website and enjoy the professionalism crawled to your business.

Make your saving bigger through website

Don’t worry if you are running a small scale business. Affording the cost effect of a website is quite easy and your business can handle the same in easy manner. Once your site is launched with all required tools, you will have to expense a smaller amount on its monthly maintenance. Hosting charges are quite nominal and affordable. The orders you get through your website will double your interest in making your website heavier as it will provide a bigger saving to you.

Website manages your customer base updated

Enjoy with the feeling that your customer sitting at any corner of the world will have proper updation regarding your business. Your website works as messenger and the customer bank will act accordingly. Offline ads are normally ignored by public once it got outdated but website is able to provide latest updates to the customers.

Easy accessibility

Your customers can access your business any time. When a portion of globe is in dark, people residing in other portion can place orders. Simply your business can get recognition any time.
This will be better to have a well designed website. Get incorporated all the tools and make sure that indexing of your website is easy for all the search engines. Ensure the domain names and other essential coding required to recognise the same in easy manner.

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How to build user friendly website? Expert Tips On Designing

Posted on March 19, 2016 | Posted in Website Designing
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If you are involve in the practice of making mobile friendly websites and applications, but failed to get the expected audience on your webpages, then you are surely lacking somewhere in the strategy to grab more crowd! But where?? SiliconWeb Technology is here with some useful tips about what kind of mobile website can be helpful……

It should be user friendly:

A mobile website should be based on the study of the behavior of the mobile users. If a user finds it easy and convenient to browse your site, then surely he loves to visit it again and again. If it is difficult for him to find the menus and the information, it will take only seconds to quit. No matter how beautifully the website is designed, all efforts go in vain. A good mobile website is always aimed at reducing the efforts of the user.

Keep in mind the small screens handsets also:

While designing a website or applications for a mobile you should always keep in mind the fact that persons using a small screen mobile don’t want to scroll much to read the lengthy pages and load pages again and again. So if you want them to purchase form you if you are running an eCommerce website then try to place the contents and call to action buttons smartly so that they don’t need to scroll so much and the can easily get what they are looking for.

Don’t make it complicated to use:

Your mobile site should be easy in use. The more it is easy to use, higher number of visitors it pulls and for a longer period of time. It should be user friendly, which is the most important factor deciding the presence of the visitors on your site. The call to action buttons should be bright and easily approachable.

Intuitive navigation:

A good mobile website should have an intuitive navigation that is it should be helpful for the users to find the information and the menus easily without much stress.

Guide first time users:

A mobile website must be very easy to understand even if it is visited for the first time by any user. He/she shouldn’t feel it hard to access the site. The instructions should be very clear and explanatory.

It should be focused at its aim:

A good mobile site should be focused at its aim. It should be designed in a way that it entirely focused on the aim what it is made for, or what it is trying to achieve. It should also understand the users need. No need of adding extra features as it can deviates user mind or make him quit.

Information saving features:

A good mobile, especially bill paying or a movie ticket booking website must have the information saving features to make the process easier and time saving for the users.

Ponder the mind set up of the users:

Analyze the behavior of its visitor and enhance the site accordingly.
The more synchronized your website is, more visitors it has for a longer time. Try to analyze the user’s behavior, so that they can feel comfortable on the web.

Follow the idea of KISS: Keep It Short and Simple.

Keep in mind the technical limitations that it should be open up easily on the mobile to make a wide reach of it and it should be open in all kind of devices including the most basic handsets. So keep it short and simple to have a wider reach of it.

By following these simple steps, you can achieve your business goals.

Best Practices for Websites Designing Services Companies

Posted on March 15, 2016 | Posted in Website Development
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A website has a huge upside potential, which the traders and companies have started to recognize. It can be really helpful to increase the customers of a company. It serves as a bridge between the products and their buyers. It provides a channel to disseminate the information and awareness, about the products. Websites with the unique concepts and innovative ideas attracts the visitors and help the business to grow.
The websites are mainly of two types- static and interactive. Interactive websites as the name itself indicates provide a two way communication channels, between the owner of the website and the visitors. Whereas the static websites are only serves the purpose of sharing of information. Most of the websites are aimed at making money by posting interesting contents or advertising products and services.

The main objective of the websites is brand empowerment. It may be products, services, campaigns, work of arts or a famous personality. Websites are like the reception of an organization that receives its visitors, make them comfortable and assures them that they are at the very right place and they will get here what exactly they want. That’s why it is very important to make the website really easy to understand visitors about the idea that it caters. Easier to understand the services of a website, more will be the number of its audience. Not only the visit, but also the time of visit on the website is important because it is the time he/ she spent interacting with the organization.
There are many types of websites aimed to fulfill various objectives, but most common objectives of a website is to promote, products, services, or a work of art. Websites have a great potential to uplift a business. A website is a signature of an organization on the internet. But to fulfill its objective it should be very clear and self-explanatory because the initial communication which is done is usually one way, so visitor must fully understand what exactly the website is all about. Few things here must be very clear-
• To whom it is serving.
• What it is providing.
• Assuring customers that they are at the right place.
• Links on various social platforms to make its reach wider.
• Contact details.
A good website after all the creative technical works, brilliant innovative ideas, and captivating content, is useless, if it fails to hold its visitors at their first look, easily understood to them easily and assure them that it can fulfill their requirements. To make this job done a good website must firstly understand the requirements of the client and vitalize their ideas. It should be entirely focused on attracting sale and interactivity with the target audience. A fine sitemap is very essential for a website. It makes it comforting and convenient for the visitors to explore the various features that it offers. A sitemap usually comprises-
• Catalogue dealing with the variety of products.
• Frequent asked questions.
• Details about the institutions and services.
• Contact details.

Use of multimedia and interactive content- The use of multimedia is also one of the special features of a website. It makes the website more interactive as the use of multimedia made it interestingly comprehensible by the visitors as it includes more senses of the visitors.
We are living in the era of globalization where everything is online. If you are making efforts to establish and expand your business, and still not marked your presence online then your efforts are certainly in vain and somewhere you are lacking a wider exposure. Website Design are like the signature of your online presence. They are the tools that can advertise your company with the lesser price thereby increasing its customers rapidly.

Benefits of PHP- What PHP Holds for you?

Posted on February 25, 2016 | Posted in Website Designing, Website Development
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Undeniably, PHP has been swiftly rising as one of the most imperative web browser programming languages due to its intelligible, efficiency, and user management section. PHP (Personal Home Page) permits its user to describe precise functions within the code, in array to radically organize the way a web browser present and classify information.  Now, user can easily access and utilize the PHP, and HTML within the same document to leverage required effect. We all know that PHP is an integral part of any Custom Website development and Bespoke website development, but it’s time to know what PHP commercially is, why it is loved by the masses.


PHP- Insight & Benefits

In simple words PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor, is a programming language that permits user to have more organization control over the HTML that formulates the web page. PHP excels HTML in every way, by providing features like DIV tables, graphical presentation, Login features, etc…

In layman terms, People denote PHP as a Personal Home Page, which shows the reason of the language. Here are the main benefits of the magical PHP.

  • Superior Performance- Undeniably, PHP has superior performance when compared to other programming languages. It is quick, resourceful, and works amazing in almost any web browser, as well as integrates effectively with any server. In brief, a user can add a few codes to a PHP document, then click on save button, and see their own website changing into more powerful and structured version of it. PHP is continuously working to leverage world best performance on the web.
  • Wide availability – That’s what makes PHP unbeatable. Moreover, anyone can find any individual PHP tags and complete PHP documents on the web without any charges.Furthermore, millions of pre-defined PHP commands are also available on the internet, which can also be edited to solve user’s specific needs.
  • Easily Editable – The other most significant benefit of the PHP language is it’s easy to edit feature. A PHP document allows its user to run a quick scan on the PHP document for any code the user is looking for, to change it as per its needs. Other programming languages require you to change multiple functions within different documents for just the same thing.
  • Plus, it’s Free– Another major reason why PHP is preferred among its user, is that it is widely free. Where other programming language requires the user to purchase pricy programs, PHP is open for everyone, anywhere, at any point of time. A beginner in PHP never has to worry about getting support for their interest in programming & web design as there is an entire online community devoted to helping others in PHP problems and implementation.
  • Easier to Access – The first and foremost feature which outshines the PHP as the best programming language is the ease of reading and understanding. Where other programming languages are extremely complicated to new users, the PHP language is planned, neat, and assured.

Today, you have learned the major benefits of PHP, but you know what. That’s Just not enough, it’s true that PHP acts as a body of website, but a professional Website Development Company In Delhi is a soul for any website development.

If you wish to know about any of our website designing India services, then please don’t hesitate in contacting us. We Will Be More than glad to assist you.

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PHP MONTH- What PHP Really Is?

Posted on February 5, 2016 | Posted in Website Designing
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There’s a lot of buzz about what PHP really is in the market. Every 1 from 5 people wants to have a website based on the PHP framework. But have you really tried to know what PHP really is? I know there’s a whole lot of grandiose stuff about PHP, but PHP indeed is simple.

PHP, widely known as Personal Home Page or Hypertext Pre-processor is something working right here at the content you are reading now. Its the background process in the website development doing something to ensure that everything works in the right manner. You just don’t know what yet.
Our aim isn’t to perplex you with complicated words, but to bifurcate terms and present in such simple way, that everyone can understand.

In Simple technical terms, PHP is the programming language on which professional Website Design Company creates a professional website. You might be confused about what PHP really is, but don’t worry as this blog is here for you.

What is PHP?

Let’s take the instance of a car. When you want to increase speed, you press your leg on the gas pedal, as you know that something will happen, that increase the speed of your car. In terms of programming, a continuous series of commands are launched from the car accelerates to the inner system, which as results, release command to the fuel injection system to boost the speed of the car.

Similarly, whenever you click on the link on a web page, or fill the form in a page, some unknown commands are sent from the your browser to the main server to execute, which in turn, takes you to another page or submit the data from the form into the main data list.

If you wonder whether HTML, does the same, then let us clear your doubt. HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is a markup language. In common language, HTML is just like a makeup kit, or the main decorative body of your laptop, or mobile phone. HTML is just an exterior look-how, used to design aesthetically attractive web pages, and web sites.
This was an insight on what PHP really is, and what it basically does for us by a sprofessional Website Designing India to all layman people.

Stay Tuned as a lot of insights are coming for you!

The Story Of SiliconWeb Technology

Posted on January 29, 2016 | Posted in introduction, Website Designing, Website Development
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Stories are immortal, they go on and on beyond time, being and dwelling. And today we will talk about our story, the story of Silicon Web Technology, the story of people who came into this world with a vision to be a helper, a service provider, a friend, a guide. Basically, Silicon Web Technology is a company with vision, dream with fortitude, and passion with benevolence. In common words, Silicon Web Technology is a leading web app development company in Delhi, along with a best website designing company in India, with state-of-the-art professionals, and devotion to quality, to bring the best for our customers. But, the time has come to answer the questions which matters, Its time to answer the prime question everyone has been ignoring since a decade,

To tell you about why we are here?

To spread light on the mystery of what truly trigger us?

To show you what we carry in our hearts?

Why We Are Here?

Well, We are here to help you, we are here to solve your website related problems, we are here to provide customized solutions to help your business get supreme exposure in the online world to make your brand successful in its respective business. Being a leading Website Development Company in Delhi we provide services such as website designing, web app development, custom website development, and online promotion, and much more with a vision to provide such exclusive services to our customer to help them realize their dreams of business success.

Being a pioneer web design company in India, we believe in offering diverse solutions of e-commerce web development, domain registration, web hosting and online marketing under one roof. We understand how puzzled you are before starting your business, and are devoted to present such remarkable service which not only satisfy needs, but also facilitate you get the best of all times. Hence, if you really want to know for what we are here for, read below:-
We are here for-:

  • Designing your websites in such a manner that not only turn a visitor into a customer, but also extremely easy to use.
  • Transforming your E-commerce Web Development Dream into reality,
  • Effective Online Promotion of Your Business.
  • SEO Services that connects you to the clients
  • Redesigning Websites to flourish your business.
  • Designing Dynamic Web Pages
  • Presenting E-commerce Solutions for your problems

What We Carry In Our Hearts?

We carry love and fortitude for what we do for our valued customers. We strive for limitless; we work for quality far beyond the excellence, that’s what allow us have something more for you always. We are not only here to do whats mentioned above, but we are here to do all with quick turnaround, matchless quality, unbeatable price, and a prime focus on catering your needs with a vision to form a nurturing relationship that lasts.

What Triggers Us?

If we say in one word, then Dreams is what trigger us to present the best of what we do. Pure dreams from the wide eyes to bring revolution, change and betterment are what trigger us to do more. Now, whether you want to create a revolutionary Mobile app, or whether its e-commerce, which beats in your heart, its your fire, which trigger us to do more, To Be Limitless, to be the creator and create what your visions in your life. Mobile App development, Web App Development, or Bespoke Website Development, all our gems is ceaselessly devoted to help you change the world.

Above All, Silicon Web Tech is a customer driven company, who runs for its customers and the commitment and relationships formed with them.

In brief, our flawless services and exclusive potency facilitate us stand out and realize our true goal of catering our customer needs while making them success in the internet world. If you wish to know more about any of our services, or have a query about how we can help you, please dont hesitate in contacting us. We will be more than glad to assist you.

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Posted on January 19, 2016 | Posted in introduction
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It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of new beginnings.

Who is an Entrepreneur? A dreamer, a believer, or the one with the ability to see beyond. Undeniably, being an entrepreneur is nothing less than being a real superhero. An entrepreneur is not only the one who sees things in a different perspective, but the one who has ceaseless passion and courage to do everything it takes for living the idea. It’s about Passion, dreams, an ability to transform your world into a better place for living.

Undoubtedly, entrepreneurship means entering into a roller coaster ride, and it will take every bit of you, but if there is a better time to do things in your way, then it the time is now. Even a Chinese Proverb supported that by saying that, “The Best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is NOW.”

So, March ahead, create your plan, note down what you need, identify your market, get close to your target audience, and do what you always wanted to do. Change your dreams into reality, fill life in your poster.

We at Silcon web Technology are here to help you transform your dream into reality. Undeniably, a website is the soul mirror of any startup or organization. Let your idea be super successful with an efficient functioning responsive website and mobile app.

Be the king of a new era, And it doesn’t matter if you don’t have the right plan for your website or mobile application, as Mark Zuckerberg has said, “ if you just work on the stuff that you love and you’re passionate about, you don’t have to have a master plan with how things will play out.”

Silicon Web Technology being the Best website Designing Company in lndia, has everything to give you a massive boost to your startup, whether its website designing, mobile app development, web application development, or something else, we does all. We don’t only create mobile apps, and design Bespoke Website Development, but we are also here to cover an extra mile for online marketing of your business, increasing your online presence through meticulous social media operations and search engine optimization to help you realize success in your business venture. We wholeheartedly believe in offering a complete solution, from live to print, our customized solutions are created to meet your requirement under your financial budget.

2016, is just beginning, and now we are more than ready with services like Web App Development, E-commerce Solutions, Internet Marketing, Responsive Websites, Mobile App Development, Website Maintence, to help you realize your entrepreneurship dreams to life.

We hope this year brings your dreams to live, keep you healthier, wealthier, and rejuvenated to do more.

Stay Tuned For Our Next Exciting Blog!

Stay Blessed!

E-commerce Website Developed for Books Publisher New Delhi

Posted on December 22, 2015 | Posted in Website Designing
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SiliconWeb Technology developed one more website for books publisher NIPA (New India Publishing Agency) who is in this business more than 25 years and publishing in the field of Agriculture, Plant Sciences, Gardening/Horticulture, Food Sciences and Veterinary Sciences. Website is built in PHP (Codeigniter) and responsive framework. Website is based on ecommerce feature and selling books and chapters online.

Most Popular Social Networking Sites | Siliconweb Technology

Posted on December 17, 2015 | Posted in Digital Marketing

Most Popular Social Networking Sites
Social networking website on which Internet user share easy videos, articles, blog posts, web pages & images. There are a numbers of advantages to submitting yours contents of these sites

Most Popular Social Networking Sites

Most Popular Social Networking Sites

1. Facebook
2. Twitter
3. LinkedIn
4. Google +
5. YouTube
6. Pinterest
7. Instagram
8. Tumblr
9. Flickr
10. Reddit

Website re-design for

Posted on December 14, 2015 | Posted in Website Designing
blog images, a non-profit organization run by Agrima Postal Solutions, LLC offers virtual mail box services for businesses where subscribed business can receives postal mail, shop from any website on address and request scanned copy of postal mail or ship postal mail or any package to their billing address.

SiliconWeb has recently redesigned the website using Custom PHP and responsive framework.