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Responsive Wed Design – It Is All About Having A Clear Road Map with Milestones

“ Responsive web design” is a vast term. When you will see it from the point of view of a designer, you will find that most of them are worried to create ideal navigation channels for the content. They want to highlight all the possible USPs on the front page itself and their next worry is about the navigation tools. This is fine; this should be the correct fundamental approach for responsive web design.



Different Platforms for the Same Train

The size of the screen is changing fast. After 2004, major websites also jumped into the fray where they developed mobile versions of the main websites as well. This was a really comfortable space in the terms of access for the web visitors. But there were some challenges attached to them as well; mobile or tabs are an altogether different platform. If you have a different design, which is friendly to the screen and the keys of the device; then, you are sure to get a better response and traffic in this case. With the increasing traffic on the internet; both in the terms of visitors and website, this new theory of creating a hook has also came into existence. This is the situation where a designer need to steal some leafs from the book of a story teller.

Thinking and Acting like a True Story Teller When We Design a Responsive Wed Design

The biggest tool of a story teller is to create a hook for the audience. If you are designing for a great response and attract tremendous traffic then your responsive web design should have this hook and clarity of the content. If you will abide by these two fundamentals then we are sure that the rest will follow automatically.

See It from a Psychological Perspective As Well and Then Create Necessary Hooks

This is one area where a regular designer needs to step into the shoes of clients. Website is a strong medium of communication; here you need to understand the sales pitch or tone of your client to a great deal. You may be a master in creating shortcuts. You may be wizard in yourself when it comes to creating some amazing designs. But are you going with the flow of the information which is required? Most of the communications follow this very simple theory; they are an attempt to make a person aware. They are an attempt to bring him in the light from the darkness. If you wish to create a responsive web design then, you need to understand the information level of an average visitor when he is reaching onto the front page of the website. Once you are aware with that, then, you can create some buttons from where he can select the desired area where he wishes to navigate. Now, it is entirely up to you that how you can hook him up to the fact that the page which he is visiting is the best source for the information that he is looking for.

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Make sure to have certain buttons and pop ups which will help him in getting the correct idea that what is the other related topics or the pieces of information that he is going to get on the same page. Hook them up and they will follow…