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How to build user friendly website? Expert Tips On Designing

Posted on March 19, 2016 | Posted in Website Designing
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If you are involve in the practice of making mobile friendly websites and applications, but failed to get the expected audience on your webpages, then you are surely lacking somewhere in the strategy to grab more crowd! But where?? SiliconWeb Technology is here with some useful tips about what kind of mobile website can be helpful……

It should be user friendly:

A mobile website should be based on the study of the behavior of the mobile users. If a user finds it easy and convenient to browse your site, then surely he loves to visit it again and again. If it is difficult for him to find the menus and the information, it will take only seconds to quit. No matter how beautifully the website is designed, all efforts go in vain. A good mobile website is always aimed at reducing the efforts of the user.

Keep in mind the small screens handsets also:

While designing a website or applications for a mobile you should always keep in mind the fact that persons using a small screen mobile don’t want to scroll much to read the lengthy pages and load pages again and again. So if you want them to purchase form you if you are running an eCommerce website then try to place the contents and call to action buttons smartly so that they don’t need to scroll so much and the can easily get what they are looking for.

Don’t make it complicated to use:

Your mobile site should be easy in use. The more it is easy to use, higher number of visitors it pulls and for a longer period of time. It should be user friendly, which is the most important factor deciding the presence of the visitors on your site. The call to action buttons should be bright and easily approachable.

Intuitive navigation:

A good mobile website should have an intuitive navigation that is it should be helpful for the users to find the information and the menus easily without much stress.

Guide first time users:

A mobile website must be very easy to understand even if it is visited for the first time by any user. He/she shouldn’t feel it hard to access the site. The instructions should be very clear and explanatory.

It should be focused at its aim:

A good mobile site should be focused at its aim. It should be designed in a way that it entirely focused on the aim what it is made for, or what it is trying to achieve. It should also understand the users need. No need of adding extra features as it can deviates user mind or make him quit.

Information saving features:

A good mobile, especially bill paying or a movie ticket booking website must have the information saving features to make the process easier and time saving for the users.

Ponder the mind set up of the users:

Analyze the behavior of its visitor and enhance the site accordingly.
The more synchronized your website is, more visitors it has for a longer time. Try to analyze the user’s behavior, so that they can feel comfortable on the web.

Follow the idea of KISS: Keep It Short and Simple.

Keep in mind the technical limitations that it should be open up easily on the mobile to make a wide reach of it and it should be open in all kind of devices including the most basic handsets. So keep it short and simple to have a wider reach of it.

By following these simple steps, you can achieve your business goals.