Custom Website Design

Custom Website Design

Website development incorporates each and every area of creating a website. It may include web design (graphic / logo design, HTML, XHTML, CSS, usability and semantics), server administration, programming, marketing, content management, testing and deployment. Backend work like server administration and programming is also a part of web development. In short it’s a process of expertise integration of code into design/layout with thorough analysis & assessment to deliver an integrated customized web solution that matches to your requirements.

SiliconWeb Technology is Website Development Company based in India & Canada providing web site development, dynamic website development, database driven website development, e-commerce website development services and flash web design and development. Our web development services includes:

Corporate Website Development

In this type of development a company who specialize in dynamic multimedia animation, programming, content management, robust database application and search engine marketing is needed to execute the project. SiliconWeb Technology can offer all your corporates website development projects at competitive rates.

Database Driven Website Development

Database driven website is one of the most common types of dynamic web pages. In this web page grabs or fetch information from a database (which is integrated by programming). Most common example of database driven sites is all online banking sites and most important fact is web page updates instantly if some change is database is made. PHP & CGI/Perl are some of the tools and technologies that we are using to develop database driven websites. SiliconWeb Technology talented developers and programmers use latest tools and technology to create full functional database driven website that exactly match your requirements in any programming language within your affordable budget considering time factor in mind.

E-commerce Website Development

E-commerce websites is used to buy and sell of products & services using Internet through secure credit card processing. It is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your products and services over web. SiliconWeb Technology is expertise in integrating existing software like OS Commerce and Zen Cart and ready to ensure you about new design and loyout in professional manner. SiliconWeb Technology can offer you many tools commonly used over web in eCommerce website design modules like Shopping Cart, Content Management, Online forms Catalogue, Reservations, Web Site Polls, Email & Email Alerts, Web Site Reports, Chat or Private Messenger, Contact Management tools, Membership, File Management Utility, etc.